Sahara BME Mentoring Service

Sahara is an outreach mentoring service for those over 45 and from a black and minority ethnic backgrounds.

Sahara has been running since April 2008 and has projects currently working in North, Mid, South and East Devon and Exeter.
Our aim is to reduce isolation and improve the health outcomes of isolated bme people aged 45 plus living in Devon from South and East Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. This is done through individual person-centred support to enable exploration of the social and educational opportunities available locally, or, where more appropriate, by supporting group development.

The Sahara BME Community Mentoring service takes referrals from health and social care professionals and individuals from the community. The mentoring service is funded by the Department of Health through Devon County Council.
The staff are all from local bme communities and have been trained to become Mentors for the service.
They are all bi or multilingual.

Who benefits from community mentoring?

People who may benefit from Community Mentoring are:

• people whose lifestyles have been affected by loss and isolation,

• people whose personal circumstances have changed and who are therefore suffering or are at risk of suffering ill health as a result – in particular suffering from or at risk of depression;

• people with mild depression and/or anxiety which is likely to be improved by increased social contact and activity;

• people who are being treated for an illness or long-term condition for whom increased social contact and activity is viewed as a helpful part of their treatment or as an addition to it; or

• people whose isolation is associated with a mild personality disorder, who are at risk of suffering further ill health as a result of lack of activity and social contact, for whom a supportive group arrangement is a helpful part of management in the community

Sahara Groups


Hikmat Hurricanes

Two classes weekly (gentle aerobics and pilates) @ Clifton Hill Sports Centre, 1-2pm.
Monday class = females only Wednesday class = mixed gender. Both groups are mixed ethnicities.

Want to know more?: 07837577814

Bus Pass Group

This is a multi-ethnic group all eligible for free bus passes. Two trips a month are made to a new destination where they will navigate around and have some lunch. This helps to build confidence in using public transport and visit new unknown places.

Want to know more?: 01392314753

Arabic Language Group

A group to learn Qur’anic Arabic in oder to communicate with others and aid prayer reading. Group meets weekly on Wednesdays at 11am.

Want to know more?: 07837577814

Other Groups in Exeter:

• Prisoners Support Group
• Walking Group (summer only)

Sahara groups


Sweetie Ladies

A Mixed Ethnic Ladies Group in Bideford meeting on Sunday afternoons. The group do a variety of activities including; Tai Chi, badminton, dance and walking.

Want to know more?: 07971204787

The North Devon Ladies Group

Meeting weekly in Barnstaple on Tuesdays at mid-day. The group do a variety of activities from cross stitch to cookery and meet to socialise and meet others in a similar situation.

Want to know more?: 07971204832

The North Devon Men’s Badminton Club

The group meet weekly on Sundays to learn and play badminton at North Devon Leisure Centre.They are now part of a league too. This group also offers an opportunity for members to meet people and build friendships.

Like the look of the above group but under 45?....


A social and educational
youth group set up by BME younger people in North Devon. Members meet regulary to socialise, play football and attend classes.

Want to know more?: 07966089848

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