Hikmat Happy Feet Footcare Service

Do you want to keep your feet healthy?


This service provides nail cutting to those with a disability and/or older persons who are unable to manage their own personal foot care.


What treatment is available through the foot care service?


Toe and hand nail cutting, and general Podiatric foot hygiene and care.

Who can access the service?

Usually older persons who cannot manage their nail cutting.

Who should not access the service?

• Persons with diabetes
• Persons with poor circulation
• Persons taking anti-coagulants
• Persons with severely thickened or deformed toenails
• Persons with painful toe nails
• Persons seeking treatment for a foot problem other than uncomplicated nail care

If you are an unsuitable candidate for the nail cutting service you may qualify for NHS podiatry treatment. You will be eligible for an assessment and possibly treatment by a NHS Podiatrist.

1. Exeter (St Sidwell's Centre) Contact 01392 314753
2. South Molton - Monthly (Age UK) Contact 01769 574160
3. Barnstaple (Yeo Valley Community Office Contact) 01271 267047
4.Torrington (Bickford Centre) Contact 01271 267047
5.IIfracombe - 01271 267047

Would you like to know more or make a referral?
Contact Ella Huffman on: 01392 - 314753
North Devon Office 01271 267047 Or email: saharaproject@googlemail.com