Hikmat Drop-in Centre

The Drop-in Centre is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays,
located at The St Sidwell’s Community Centre, Exeter.

The Centre offers the opportunity to meet with other people from the same age group, perhaps speaking the same language and maybe from the same country. Attendants can read culturally appropriate newspapers in a variety of languages, chat, join in discussions. There is a sewing/crafts group for women, and several trips out a year.
At lunchtime you are able to order a meal which is prepared locally.

Hikmat helps clients to link up with a range of services:

• Education (including English classes)
• Benefits advice
• Footcare Service (available bi-monthly)
• Social services

• Health (we can arrange consultations with a range of health practitioners,
including NHS nurses and professional counsellors, who attend our sessions every fortnight).

Tuesdays @ Hikmat
Chinese Community

10-11am Bible Study
11-3pm Drop-in

Alternating weekly:

*Chinese Massage

*Arts & Crafts

*Once a month:Physio Therapy

Enjoy a culturally
appropriate lunch

Thursdays @ Hikmat
Middle-Eastern & South Asian community

11-3pm Drop-in

*Ladies only & Men’s room

Alternating weekly:

*Arts & Crafts

*Hair & Beauty Treatments

*Confidence building sessions for women

Enjoy a culturally appropriate lunch

-Footcare service available bimonthly

contact - hikmat@stsidwells.org.uk