Carer’s Health and Wellbeing Checks

Hikmat Devon, together with Devon County Council, NHS Devon, and the Department of Health is offering free and confidential Health and Wellbeing Checks to Black and Minority Ethnic carers in Devon.
Carers often tell us that they put the health of the person they care for before their own. We know that if you are busy looking after someone it is difficult to take time to look after your own health.


Checks are being provided at a number of GP surgeries and pharmacies, there are also some other locations in Exeter and Barnstaple that may be easier for you. Discuss where you would like to have your check done with one of our project workers who have undertaken various training sessions covering all aspects of the checks.


Your check will cover your health and wellbeing as fully as possible. We will look at physical health, stress and mental wellbeing, and the challenges of caring.
You will have the opportunity to raise any worries and concerns you have about your health with a trained health professional, including any ways in which the caring tasks you undertake are difficult for you.


Speak to one of our Carers Project Workers who will work through the Health and Wellbeing Check with you.
You will be given a booklet ‘Getting the most out of your health and wellbeing check’. We will help you to prepare the booklet to ensure you receive particular attention on the areas which are important to you.